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January 2024

The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick | Here!

In this book, Rob outlines the trick to unlocking critical customer insights and building a product that your customers truly want and need. A must read for anyone embarking on a the journey of building a startup!

'Why not to start a startup' by Paul Graham | Here!

In this article, Paul Graham discusses the common barriers people feel when deciding to start a startup; age, experience, not having a cofounder or idea, access to finance. He notes that many of these barriers are often not as significant as they feel at first and can be easily overcome. The summary? There is no good reason not to start a startup!

The All In Podcast - Pear VC | Here!

In this episode, Mar Hershenson of Pear VC outlines what makes an incredible founder and how they catalyse them to achieve amazing things. A must listen for anyone starting out on a founder journey!

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